2007_03_naomibag.JPGFor some reason, Naomi Campbell can only carry one bag at a time. The Post breathlessly reports that on the supermodel's second day of community service at the Department of Sanitation warehouse on South Street, Campbell's bodyguard tried to get a DOS employee to carry her tote for her. But the employee refused, and a DOS police lieutenant John Fitzgerald, a 24-year vet, got stuck carrying it!

The DOS explained to the Post, "Our policy with community service workers is that we don't touch their personal property," but "there was a state of confusion this morning. Naomi forgot her bag. There were personal items she needed, like her ID and clothes. It's not our policy, but as a courtesy today, he carried it for her."

Uh, based on the photographs, it doesn't look so much like a "state of confusion" as Campbell's bodyguard not wanting to run after Campbell, who is not that far away, to give her the bag. Maybe he's afraid she'll find her bejeweled phone and throw it at him.

Anyway, even though she's wearing a chinchilla coat to go and mop floors, she's apparently wearing jeans and a camouflauge shirt inside, along with boots. Maybe she'll be inspired to buy some DOS fashion!