0804naomibag.jpgDOS police lieutenant John Fitzgerald is a 24-year vet who's better known as the guy who ended up carrying Naomi Campbell's bag when she reported for day two of her community service last year. And now he's stepping out of the model's shadow.

The NY Post reports that the sanitation cop must have caught the criminal bug from the model, as he was busted in Queens yesterday for allegedly forging a gun permit. If convicted, he'll be doing a lot more time than a few days of community service; he could end up behind bars for 7 years.

Was the bag cursed? When the photograph was published, it brought "shame and disgrace upon New York's Strongest - Fitzgerald was exiled to Queens," the first in a series of sad turns:

When investigators began looking into the allegations in August, Fitzgerald was dumped from the department's police force and banished from the Manhattan pier where he had supervised Naomi.

He was sent to The Bronx, where he supervised ordinary sanit workers on the midnight shift.

Before being charged yesterday, he had earned the nickname Louis Vuitton from co-workers. And if he lands in jail, he shouldn't expect any visits from Ms. Campbell, she was banned from British Airways last week after assaulting and spitting on a cop.