This morning, supermodel and temper-tantrum-prone supermodel Naomi Campbell arrived at the South Street Department of Sanitation facility where she'll be doing such chores as mopping floors. Campbell was sentenced to five days of community service, along with anger management (which she's already started), in a plea agreement after hitting her housekeeper with a bejeweled cellphone.

Albert Durrell, who works at the South Street warehouse, told the Daily News, "Hopefully, she'll know not to come in high heels or anything like that." Hmm, based on the photograph, we hope she's brought some more sensible shoes! She will, however, be given an "orange reflector vest and a pair of work gloves."

And earlier last week, Campbell said she'd auction off the jeans and boots she wearing during her stint for charity.

Photograph of Campbell heading to community service this morning by Rick Maiman/AP