When courting a young maiden, it is acceptable to formally introduce oneself through a mutual acquaintance in society, or by sending a virtual "wink" through the social networking website of your choice. Other methods, such as honking one's horn or pretending to be a Rockefeller, are generally considered unacceptable. But what about breaking into a woman's apartment, stripping naked, getting into bed with her and licking her neck?

Not only is that a no-no, but it counts as sexual abuse, too. Wahid Sene, 36, tried that approach back in 2006, when he made his way into an unidentified victim's Lower East Side home as she slept and went for her neck in the nude. He was convicted and served two years in prison for the assault, but his lawyer sought to overturn the conviction, arguing in state appeals court that "because the neck is not located in proximity to sexual organs, and is not generally covered with clothing, it cannot be considered an intimate part of the body."

The five-judge panel unanimously rejected that argument and upheld the conviction, ruling that the neck qualifies as an intimate body part because it wouldn't be touched "in the absence of a close relationship." But what do you think, ladies? Is your neck intimate? What about the earlobe? We just need to know what the rules are.