I keep telling Jen that we need to do posts with more nudity- posting about Anil Dash and Pete Rojas can only boost traffic so much. With that thought in mind, I knew I had to post about the decision in the naked mermaid case. It seems that at last year's Coney Island Mermaid Parade, 31 year-old Brooklyn resident Amy Gunderson was arrested for going topless. Arresting a naked mermaid at the mermaid parade is like arresting a fish for swimming, so Amy did what any arrested naked mermaid would do and called Ron Kuby, Gothamist's favorite seedy celebrity leftist lawyer (and former partner of Bill Kunstler). He got the city to back down and give her 10k, which is more that Gothamist got the last time we went naked in the name of art. I couldn't find any naked pictures of Gunderson, but some good mermaid shots can be found here and here and here. My personal favorite (via nosebleed.com):

mermaid parade