We're sensing a trend; if someone runs a red light, chances are they're up to something much worse. A 26-year-old father has been arrested after running a red light, leading cops on a chase that ended in his holding his 2-month-old son "hostage" and setting his family's Christmas tree on fire. Tredon Mann was charged with felony assault, assaulting an officer and arson after the debacle, which began last night with him running a red light at a Flatbush intersection and smashing his car into another van.

An off-duty cop saw the crash, and discreetly followed Mann as he fled on foot. Mann soon arrived at his family's house, about six blocks away, and appeared to chase them out. His relatives told the cop that he was "raving" with the infant inside, and he soon appeared in the doorway naked with his son in his arms. He threatened to harm the child if cops didn't leave, and then broke off a part of the Christmas tree, ignited it, and began waving it around his head. One source said, "He holds the baby in one hand and swings the Christmas tree that's on fire."

Police managed to free the child, who suffered a broken arm and lacerations, and two officers were also treated for injuries. Mann was taken to the Kings County Hospital's psych ward. In a dark connection, the family home Mann rushed into is the same house rape and murder victim Romona Moore lived in before she was abducted. The two are cousins.