A naked, ranting man who overdosed on some kind of narcotic was found in a Howard Beach marsh last night, and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, according to police. He was discovered near the site where slain jogger Katrina Vetrano's body was found in August, though there does not appear to be any connection between the two.

The NYPD tells us the unidentified man was found at around 11 p.m. last night near 161st Avenue in Spring Creek Park in Queens. Cops say he was with a female friend and had been taking drugs, though they were unable to confirm what kind. According to the Post, cops had been patrolling the area, as is now standard after 30-year-old Vetrano's murder, when they came upon the naked man.

He was allegedly yelling about his penis when he was found, and ABC 7 reports he was up to his knees in the marsh at the time.

He was taken to Jamaica Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. The NYPD tells us he has not been charged with a crime.