It seems a new class of combatant has entered the anti-cyclist fray: Naked dudes. The lower level of the Queensboro Bridge was shut down for an hour this morning as police investigated an assault perpetrated against a bicycle rider. Police tell WPIX that a 65-year-old man, who they described as an "emotionally disturbed person," was running around naked on the lower level of the Queensboro Bridge at 6:45 a.m. when he attacked the 35-year-old bicyclist. Bike Blog NYC claims the cyclist is a prop man on Nurse Jackie named Joel Custer, and he's "just undergone surgery for lost teeth and a possible broken jaw."

WPIX reports that the victim was punched in the jaw "and the force of the assault knocked him off his bike," and that he was transported to New York Presbyterian Hospital for treatment to a cut lip. The Post says the crazed man was wearing pants but no shirt, while ABC reports that the suspect was indeed naked by the time police responded, and officers covered the suspect with clothing and took him to Elmhurst Hospital for evaluation.

Whatever the assailant's degree of undress, it's a scary incident, because it highlights how vulnerable cyclists are on the crappy narrow Queensboro Bridge bike/pedestrian path, especially at desolate, non-peak hours. "On the bridge, there are opportunities for people to jump out from hiding spots and attack you," cyclist Robert Marcus tells the Post. "That it happened during daylight is very unnerving."