2006_10_nakeddriver.jpgA drunk woman fatally hit a pedestrian in a Staten Island parking lot - and not only was the driver drunk, she also naked during the incident. The police say Taliyah Taylor drove her Nissan Maxima into an intersection late last night, hitting 41 year old Larry Simon. Her car then "sideswiped a Toyota, kept going west for about 300 yards, jumped a curb and hurtled an six-foot fence into a parking lot shared by Lowe's and Kohl's Department store," according to WABC 7. Witnesses say she was driving around 90-100 MPH and didn't stop after hitting Simon. And it turns out that Simon's brother had been waiting for him nearby.

Taylor was charged with DWI and vehicular manslaughter. She was wearing a seat belt and was treated for bumps and bruises at St. Vincent's Hospital. Why, oh, why must people drive while drunk, we don't know. If we had a choice between drunk drivers and naked drivers, we'd pick naked drivers any day.

And there was another terrible car accident in Staten Island. A Cadillac Escalade overturned on the SI Expressway. WNBC says the SUV "hit a guardrail, overturned, became airborne and landed on the other side of an overpass. The SUV smashed into a median and nearly rolled down an embankment." The driver died at St. Vincent's.