Last year the Naked Cowboy dropped out of the Mayoral race, declaring: "What I want to do is stick with what I do best. It’s probably why I look like a naked cowboy, and Mayor Bloomberg looks like a mayor." However, he's now attempting to make headlines again with a new announcement that he's going to run for President (yes, of the United States of America).

According to the Daily News, he'll be holding a press conference on October 6th at his home away from home: Times Square. There's already a little insight into his grand plans for the nation over on his website, where he states in a press release: "What American’s [sic] need is a president who seeks to empower the people. America needs a president who will stand up for America and protect its language, its borders, and most importantly, its culture." He told CNN last week that "Obama's going down," and that he plans to defeat the Taliban, end illegal immigration and cut taxes when he's in office.

Or maybe he should just stick with what he does best.