An unidentified man from the boogie down Bronx just streaked half of America! The 50-year-old became naked as a jaybird for no apparent reason during a US Airways flight last night. One passenger says the 50-year-old appeared to fall asleep, but then started taking his clothes off. (Could a bad Ambien reaction be involved?) He refused to cooperate with flight attendants and threw off a blanket that was placed over him. Is it some kind of crime to fly au naturale? Probably, right? An off-duty police officer on board helped restrain the man, and the flight, which originated in Charlotte and was bound for LA, made a pit stop in Albuquerque to eject the mile-high streaker. WABC 7 says he may be transported "to an FBI facility. He will likely be taken to a local detention center in the meantime." Meanwhile, everyone who landed in California will be enjoying life naked in a hot tub.