2005_08_devonandblake.jpgHundreds, maybe even thousands, of New Yorkers partake in the made-to-order salad for lunch. Some chick peas here, a little corn there, grilled chicken, too... But forget chatting with your co-worker on line: Watch what goes into your food, as one Midtown lawyer claims to have found a nail in his salad. Ron Dayan told the NY Post, "I pulled out this rusty, disgusting-looking, gooey nail, like a construction nail. I showed it to my colleagues...who didn't believe me at first and then didn't believe the size [over an inch]." The suspect salad was from Devon & Blakely at 250 Park Avenue ("spinach, chick peas, green peppers, carrots, tofu"), and the manager there "was frightened. He must have apologized 10 times." Dayan adds that he was refunded the $6.69 and says the manager told him to see a dentist and "kind of implied that they would cover all my medical costs"; the dentist told Dayan that he suffered damage to a ligament. Ew ew ew. Devon & Blakely says claims like this are handled by their insurance company and Dayan says he's going to bring lunch from home.