In an attempt to mitigate the rampant exploitation and worker abuse that has apparently characterized the nail salon industry for years, officials are mandating that nail salons post a bill of rights for workers in clear view of both customers and employees.

Elected officials like Mayor de Blasio, Govenor Cuomo and Public Advocate Tish James have been stepping up efforts to protect nail salon workers following an explosive piece in the Times earlier this month that detailed a number of abuses suffered by manicurists, including unbearably low wages and long hours with no compensation. Cuomo has introduced legislation that would require nail salon owners to inform manicurists, many of whom hail from overseas, of their legal rights as defied by state and federal labor laws.

Yesterday, Cuomo took that legislation a step further, announcing that effective immediately, all nail salons must post bold signage printed in 10 languages that would clearly inform workers of their rights. The signs also inform workers of safety regulations and immigration laws, and officials plan to hand out placards informing customers of what to ask when entering a nail salon to ensure workers are not being abused.

Cuomo's legislation would also impose harsher penalties on nail salons caught flouting labor laws, giving the state the ability to fine offenders or shut them down. Public Advocate James is also sponsoring a City Council bill requiring salons to register with the city, and last week the mayor's office enlisted volunteers to inform workers at salons around the city of their rights. De Blasio has also launched an investigation into the chemicals and products used at nail salons to ensure manicurists are being protected.