It's bad enough that the N train gets a bad rap with its slow service (it's the "Never" train, whereas the R is the "Rarely"...the W is "Whenever" and perhaps the Q is "Quixotic"), but this weekend has been no good. There was a stalled train and then a man was stabbed to death on the N train yesterday. The stalled train occured in Brooklyn, due to an electrical issue, and was eventually rerouted to Manhattan. One passenger, a 17 year old student told the Daily News, "This is the third time this happened to me in two weeks. This sucks." And the details of the stabbing are few: A man riding a northbound N train emerged at Rector Street, with stab wounds in his back early yesterday morning, and was prounced dead at NYU Downtown Hospital at 5AM. The AP reports the train was taken to the Ditmar Yards for inspection.

Something Gothamist has been fascinated with: The mere concept of
subway schedules, which the MTA has details on.