A teenage girl has been taken in by the Administration for Children's Services after she was found wandering Times Square with near-total amnesia around midnight on October 9th. The girl, who is probably between 14 and 17, is 5-foot-6, medium build, light complexion, short, with straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She has pretty much zero recollection of her past, and has said, "I just want to know who I am. I want to know who I am, and what happened to me." But there are only a couple obscure clues to her identity.

The young woman has written down the name "Amber" and responded to the name on one occasion, but she does not know if that's actually her name. She also recalled words from a fantasy novel called Fool's Feteby the author Robin Hobb. According to the Post, she has been writing her own fantasy fiction about a heroine named Rian "who’s been raised by the commander of the guard post on the edge of a fantasy kingdom."

A source tells the Daily News, "It looks like she's been walking around for a while. She's being treated as a runaway." Anyone with information is urged to call 1-800-577-TIPS, or log on to Crime Stoppers. Hopefully someone will come forward, and she won't wind up in advertising like Kermit did after getting amnesia in The Muppets Take Manhattan.