Oh sure, Batman may not be chilling on our subway, nor are protesters fearlessly demonstrating on them. But it seems that we do have ghost trains! A reader sent us the above photo and wrote us, "Spotted on the 7 line at Grand Central on Friday August 12 between 11 pm and 12 am." Maybe it's a train to the bizarro universe where the MTA isn't running a multi-billion deficit.

Last month, we spotted an 8 train sign also on a 7 train—an MTA representative told us that signs come with numbers they don't use, just in case they ever decide to reactivate a number. She also noted that signs sometimes get mistakenly turned around in the switching yards. The 13, which used to be on the BMT Fulton Street Line, and was a precursor to the L (14th St./Canarsie Line) for some time, has not been in use since 1956. But here's our big question: does the 13 imbue the train with superpowers?