2005_03_bxsci.jpgCity health officials are wondering what's going on at Bronx Science High School, one of the city's coveted magnet schools: Hundreds of students were ill last week. The bathrooms and cafeteria are all being tested, as complaints of nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea, and vomiting have increased. (Hey, that sounds like Wednesday nights at Gothamist!) The Health Department thinks it's a viral illness: The medical director of the Office of School Health said, "It's unusual, and if this were June, I would have thought that this was a pre-planned ditch day. We haven't seen anything this concentrated in other parts of the city." Gothamist doubts that even ditch days would be worth rampant D.

There will be lots of testing over the next week or two, to figure out if the illness affected a certain grade more, if the students ate in certain places (some students think it might be the food truck). Have authorities determined whether there was a Brain Bowl against Stuy or Hunter? Ultimately proving the mettle of magnet school students, one told Newsday, "Bronx Science has a pretty tough bunch. Even if they were feeling sick, they would probably come in to take that history exam or something."