2006_01_embassy.jpgCreepy story from the city's diplomatic quarter: An Indonesian man visiting the U.S., Bambang Wielianto, was found dead, with a knife in his chest and one hand almost severed in the basement of the Indonesian Embassy on the Upper East Side. The NY Times likens it to an Agatha Christie mystery and how - there was a security guard on duty close by when he died! Wielianto had been staying in basement room at the embassy until he was able to fly out of the country, as the embassy will occasionaly put up stranded citizens for spells. Police suspect the knife that killed him was from the nearby kitchen. Although Wielinato had been trying to get home and was scheduled to leave on Wednesday, it's unclear whether or not he was killed or commited suicide. What Gothamist is curious about is whether or not, if it is a murder, the NYPD will have jurisdiction to investigat the crime - the consulate is technically Indonesian soil.

Best quote: From the NY Times, "I thought they were filming for an episode of 'Law and Order,' " Michelle Brilliant, who lives next door, said as she emerged with her daughter, Aza Hougie, 3, carrying a Snow White umbrella into the light drizzle of an overcast day. Of course, this will likely become a plotline for L&O.