Yesterday afternoon, a strange package leaking white powder was found at the United Nations. The package was in the CNN mailbox, and the area, which included other media offices and part of a lobby corridor, was examined by a Hazmat team. But now, based on preliminary tests, the UN says, "It appears to be flour."

Since the the Hazmat teams didn't know what they were dealing with, three floors were decontaminated. And here's a funny story from Reuters:

Gary Fowlie, head of the U.N. media accreditation, whose office is near the mail room, was one of those who had to give up his clothes. He wondered out loud how he and his staff would get home, wearing white plastic suits with booties to cover their feet but came up with an answer.

"Someone is going to pay for my taxi," he told Reuters.

Ha! But we doubt it's going to be outgoing Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Page Six says his going away party may be "underattended" because he is so hated.