Staten Island is having quite a summer. Huge sharks, the threat of secession and now here's a guy in full cowboy regalia just casually riding one horse while pulling another one behind him as he crosses the Outerbridge Crossing. Will the viral marketing for a Wild Wild West sequel never end???

A video by Twitter user Ryan Joseph showed the man jauntily crossing the bridge, while being followed closely by Port Authority police.

It's a strange sight, but if one Twitter user is to be believed, this isn't even the first horse sighting on the bridge:

A Port Authority spokesperson said that the urban cowboy was riding one horse while pulling another one behind him on reins, crossing eastbound on the Outerbridge. Port Authority police followed him with their emergency lights on to provide safe passage, and are currently figuring out who the man is and why he took two horses across the bridge.

The spokesman also mentioned that it's a violation to take a horse on the Outerbridge. Which, yeah, right now it is. What happens when Staten Island secedes and starts making its own laws though?

Update 2:00 p.m.:

The Port Authority provided the above picture of the horseman at a nearby Staten Island police precinct, where the PA spokesperson says the man's identity and purpose for riding the horses across the bridge are still being determined.

The NY Post reports that the horseback rider "resembles Doc Mishler, a man in his 80s, who has taken to riding cross-country and in Europe as a means of promoting a Christian charity that seeks to feed homeless children."

Update 2:49 p.m.:

The Port Authority has confirmed that the rider is Tod "Doc" Mishler, of Ulster Park, NY. Mishler has been given a pair of summonses, for trespassing and for impeding traffic. This is hardly Mishler's first rodeo though, as he was spotted riding a horse down the shoulder of an Atlanta freeway last year. Now that he's got the New York media spotlight after his latest antics, look for his forthcoming memoir, How I Fed All The Hungry Children By Enraging All The Frustrated Drivers.