Two readers have e-mailed us with reports of strange, pretty lights over Brooklyn or Queens last night. Here's an account of one sighting:

I saw something weird in the sky last night, and a bunch of other people did, too. Disclaimer: I am NOT a U.F.O. person, nor do I think that's what I saw. I'm just very curious to figure out what exactly it was. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation of some kind.

I live in Williamsburg, and I was coming home from a bar (only two drinks) at about 12:30-12:40 early Wednesday morning. I noticed in the sky over Queens that there was a bright green, vertical band of light. As I watched, the column changed between green, blue, white, and red. At some times it appeared there were two columns barely separated. The column was limited in its vertical height, and was really more of a segment. The segment began and terminated far above the ground.

I stopped other people and they were amazed to see it as well. I came across several people in McCarren Park who were standing out in the cold watching it. It began to get weaker and faded about 1:15 a.m... It was really beautiful! Was it an art project, something being projected into the sky? It appeared in the North/East, beyond McCarren Park. Again, I'm not a "tinfoil" type. Just awed and really curious!

Anyone else notice last night's light show, or have any theories? Did the DEP finally activate the true purpose of the illuminated Greenpoint Sludge Digester Egg Spaceships? (The DEP tells us they weren't testing any lights last night.) Seems like there's a lot of weird phenomenon baffling the region these days: the maple syrup smell is haunting us again, groundhogs are wild with bloodlust, UFOs are hovering in Jersey... If you connect all the dots, you know where it all leads, don't you?