A Ditmas Park lawyer noticed a bizarre influx of cars with Iowa plates around his neighborhood, and while most people would be more inclined to say "Huh,' and go back to their urban chicken farms, Joel Siegel was not most people.

Instead, he launched a probe into the origins of the plates, compiling a list of 20 cars registered in Iowa parked on Brooklyn streets, and inquiring with several agencies, including the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Iowa Insurance Division and New York government administrators and politicians.

“A lot of people are unhappy because it’s hard to park now with the proliferation of these Iowa plates,” he told the tabloid. “Our neighborhood is very small. It’s a pain in the ass.”

Iowa officials are investigating the possibility the cars are being registered in their state to dodge New York's notoriously high insurance rates—the third costliest in the nation.

Siegel suspects the vehicles are property of the nearby 25 Dollar Car Rental. When we called the company, a woman who answered the phone refused to address the question of the out of state plates, saying "I don't work for you," before hanging up. Mysterious!

Iowa investigators aren't ignoring the possibility of a more nefarious impetus for the plates.

“Our investigation is wide open on the motivating factors behind why these cars have ended up in New York with Iowa plates,” one Iowa investigator said. "This includes the possibility that criminal activity, ranging from drugs to human trafficking, could be involved."