Photos via and Brooklynian

A stroller painted white mysteriously appeared at the corner of 6th Avenue and Union Street in Park Slope earlier this month, and it was creepily reminiscent of a ghost bike. The Brooklynian board started filling up with questions about the stroller on August 2nd, by August 4th someone had taped up a sign asking about it, by yesterday there was a photo of it in the trash, and by last night a poster commented: "It is too bad that the NYT is going to publicize the stupidity tomorrow, after it is already removed."

Indeed, the NY Times has been trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious stroller, after it's been making the rounds on neighborhood blogs. They talk to James Rudnick, a local of 25 years who says if anyone would know about its origins, he would know... and he doesn't know! He does tell them, however, that no child has died at that intersection, something that the NYPD backs up. The New York City Street Memorial Project, responsible for putting up the ghost bikes, also has no idea why it appeared there. So, it was clearly a prank—perhaps someone who would like for the stroller mafia to move on from the neighborhood (or at least the neighborhood bars)?

We may never know who created this monster, but now we know that some person out there exists who spent valuable time painstakingly painting a stroller, and all of its accoutrements, as white as a ghost. Which is just creepy.