A Ghost Bike on 100th Street and West End Avenue memorializing a nine-year-old boy named Jonah Shapiro has the locals scratching their heads. According to handwriting on the bike, the boy was the victim of a hit-and-run that occurred June 3rd. But no one seems to know anything about a boy being killed on his bike in the area, and some residents who live nearby say they want it removed. Upper West Side mom Monica Murphy tells the West Side Spirit that her daughter asked her about the bike, leading to a difficult conversation about death. "It makes me a little resentful that I had to speak to my child about it," says Murphy. "I don’t know what the purpose of placing the bike here is."

The Street Memorial Project, a volunteer group that coordinates the Ghost Bikes, was not involved with this particular bike, but they say it's not unusual for memorials to appear without their participation. Josh Hanft, who is in charge of a the synagogue was open the day of the supposed accident, says, "We were open all day, so I find it impossible to believe that an accident could have occurred on that corner without the Synagogue being aware of it. We’d like to see the bike moved. It is not an appropriate place for such a memorial." Because reminders of mortality simply do not belong outside a house of worship!