2006_02_ftnave.jpgThere are three strange deaths - two murders, one maybe murder - from this weekend:

- The body of a John Jay College of Criminal Justice student was found on Fountain Avenue near the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. Imette St. Guillen was last seen on Friday night at the Pioneer Bar on Bowery - she stayed behind while her roommates went home. St. Guillen's face was duct taped, her hands and legs bound, and her naked body was wrapped in a blanket when police responded to a 911 call about the location of her body. The ME's office still needs to do an autopsy and the police are inspecting surveillance video of the area near the Pioneer Bar, in case St. Guillen was seen with anyone.

- A 15 year old boy was fatally stabbed after walking a friend to the bus stop. Police think that Edwin Owusu-Hammonds may have been killed due to an argument, but his family, friends and school officials attest to the fact that he was a good, quiet kid. It's a terribly sad story - Owusu-Hammonds died in his mother's arms, managing to get to his apartment while wounded.

- A Brooklyn livery cab driver was found dead in his car. Right now, it seems that Nikolay Ionin died of natural causes, but the odd thing is that he had gotten into an argument with a group of people he'd picked up fifteen minutes before someone called the dispatcher to say Ionin was dead.