Following up last Friday's post about mysteries from the 8th Avenue and 42nd Street subway station:

- You know the story of the man who was found tortured and semi-tied up at the subway station, who police suspected might be an Eastern European, who didn't speak but only wrote and drew in order to communicate with the police that he had been in the trunk of a Lincoln Town car? Well, it turns out he is an ordinary upstate thief. He devised the whole story, thinking he could blame it on Muslims protesting the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, but in actuality he was on the lam from robbery charges.

2006_02_pukefree.jpg- And the puked-out stairs to the subway platform that stayed that way for days, in spite of repeated complaints? Emily at Amy's Robot reports that they are now clean about 18 days after the estimated puking. She also notes, "Of course, judging from the smell it was powerwashed off with urine - but we'll stick to one campaign at a time." Here here. Now, we'll have to check about that hair at the West 72nd Street subway stairs.