Daphne Guinness, fashion designer and heiress to the massive brewing fortune, is being sued by her Fifth Avenue neighbors, Karim and Tina Samii, for repeatedly flooding their bathroom since she moved in upstairs in 2008. The first time they admit it was the contractors' fault, but the three other times they claim it has been because Guinness had forgotten she left the bath water running. The suit says her neighbors "are fearful of leaving their premises unattended, not known when Ms. Guinness' willful misconduct will cause another flood to their premises."

The building told Guinness, who in the Telegraph looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and Cruella DeVille, that they needed to restrict the amount of water directed toward her bathtub after the first two instances, but that did not stop her from flooding the Samii's master bedroom again. The latest instance was on October 10th, when the Samiis complained and the super caught Guinness's "personal assistant and another female attempting to dry the floor with bath towels." The tub's "water level was still so high that it was clear that [Guinness] had again left the bathtub unattended and allowed it to overflow," the suit alleges.

The Samiis want Guinness barred from using her bathtub until she completes "all remedial measures necessary" to make sure it never overflows again. But perhaps they didn't take into account how distracted she was at the time of the baths. She had music videos with Kid Cudi to film! (Actually, can you spot her? Or is Wikipedia lying to us?)