After news of Marin Muchalski's refusal to give up his cellphone during a robbery, which resulted in being shot twice (though not fatally, luckily), many are wondering if a cellphone is worth it. The Daily News asks New Yorkers if they would give up their cellphone in a robbery and they all say yes. Even a cellphone salesman says a cellphone is not worth a life. Robert Prince in NYU's postdoc psychology program says, "In general, cell phones represent a connection. People get very emotionally attached to always being connected." Or, as another expert on human relationships with technology, James Rosenfield, says, "People become irrational when it comes to their cellphones."

Meanwhile, Muchalski's doctors tell the Post that he's lucky the gunshot to the leg missed an artery, or else he may have needed amputation. Muchalski says, "It's not that I love my cellphone so much or anything like that. I just didn't want [to]."

Gothamist on the teenager killed by a subway when she jumped onto the subway tracks to retrieve her phone and the Metro-North rider who got his hand stuck in the toilet while retrieving his phone, causing a train-jam.