Newsday has an article that details the relationship between City Councilman Peter Vallone and graffiti taggers. Basically, it goes over what we all know - Vallone hates graffiti, taggers hate him - but it's a good primer on what's happened so far. How one of the city's graf-cleanup trailers was stolen (hey, that's what happens when it says "Sponsored by Peter Vallone" on the side) or like when Cope2 leaving him that crazy message last summer. Anyway, Cope2 told the AP, "[The city is] not going to wipe graffiti out _ it's impossible, it's not going to happen, because it's a worldwide thing and it's never going to stop. He's starting a beef with kids that he's not going to win." Well, we'll see what another panel of judges says about the law that forbids 18-21 year olds to possess broad-tipped markers or spray paint; it was found without "rational basis" on Monday but then a judge put the law back on the books, wanting another review.

Graffiti spotted by UntitledName's Will Sherman back in January