2005_12_snowflake.jpgThe ballyhooed big snow did arrive, and the snowflakes are yooge. They are like millions of little clumpy chunks of Gothamist's "school's closed" dreams, but, alas, we have no car and live in a city with a great, working (for now) mass transit system. And, besides, if we were NYC public school students, NYC schools are open so no sledding in the park for us. We saw salt being dumped on streets yesterday, but will that be enough for the expected six inches we're getting luckily? (Actually, we're likely to get two to four inches.) The snow is supposedly to start melting tomorrow afternoon, which could mean an icy Saturday night. Snow boots and layered clothing are a must if you're traveling outside. And this is a good time to remind you about the NY Cares Coat Drive - donated a gently worn coat to someone who really needs one.

And this is the same snow storm that caused a plane to skid off a runway at Chicago's Midway, which ended up killing a 6 year-old in a car.