The NYPD has a fine collection of hip, dapper men at its disposal—foremost, there is Hipster Cop, a.k.a. Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee, who first stole our hearts and artisanal jam recipes during the Occupy Wall Street protests, but ne'er forget Mustachioed Hipster Cop II, who flaunted his admirable facial hair last year. And now, we have a new Mustachioed One, though this guy's got something a little...different...going.

It appears Officer D'Alto, above, was one of the cops who went full-out to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Now, he has a pink mustache for Movember, and though he gets points for perfect twirl, the dye-job adds a certain rash-like effect, does it not?

Movember's only just begun, but Hipster Cop II: The 'Stached One's still on top.