Islam is the fastest growing religion in NYC, and according to a Columbia University study, 120,000 of the school's 1.1 million students are Muslim. But the DOE does not recognize Islamic holidays on the school calendar, and Muslim students who miss school for religious holiday's have to make up for the schoolwork they missed. Last year the City Council passed a resolution calling for two Muslim holy days, Eid-ul Adha and Eid-ul Fitr, to be added to the school calendar, but Mayor Bloomberg, who has the final say in which holidays are approved, has not taken action.

So yesterday a group of Muslim parents, students and their supporters gathered Wednesday on the steps of City Hall to call on the mayor to respect the City Council's resolution. If you check out the NY1 segment, at the 15 second mark you'll see the most adorable, on-message little demonstrator ever, who said "We want to make our holiday like other people. We want to be equal like other people. It's not fair. We want to get our rights just like other people get their rights," said one student.

Asked about the protest, Bloomberg told reporters, "I'm sympathetic that they would like it, but the truth of the matter is, we need more school days, not less." But yesterday the protesters pointed out that the DOE was considering pushing back the first day of school to accommodate Rosh Hashanah, suggesting that the city was willing to accommodate other religions, but not theirs.

In solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, here's a great video of Franz Ferdinand performing "Jacqueline" live in Holland: