You remember Bill Keller, don't you? He's the Florida-based evangelist who promised to create a 9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero to balance out the Park 51 project (a community center with a mosque, which is planned for two blocks from the World Trade Center site) back in July. Well, he set up shop at a room in the Marriott's downtown hotel this past weekend, where he told a few dozen people, "All these people [Muslims] will die and burn in hell... Islam is not and has never been a religion of peace. How could you build bridges with people who ask their Muslim brothers to fly a plane into the twin towers and killed thousands of innocent people?"

Muslims weren't the only targets on Keller's hit list: he offered his thoughts on a popular Fox News and radio commentator, "When Glenn Beck says 'I believe in Jesus,' the problem is, he doesn't believe in the Jesus of the Bible. And we have a culture now that is biblically illiterate, unchurched, and when Glenn Beck gathers millions of people through his radio and TV programs, and starts talking about biblical theology, he is leading people into a lie from hell and their souls too." Here, have a listen:

Keller also repeatedly referred to Park 51 as a "victory mosque," though many people have pointed out (elsewhere) that the facility will simply have a prayer room. The NY Times reports, "A woman who said she had driven in from Scranton, Pa., pulled Mr. Keller aside afterward and told him that his Christian center 'needs to be here,' but she asked if he could tame his language so he would not come across as such a firebrand. He told her he had to talk exactly the way he did if he wanted people to follow him."

According to the Times, Keller said he'll be preaching from the Marriott (and he can also be seen online) "until the end of the year and then move the center on Jan. 1 to a permanent spot, although he said he would not disclose its location until Oct. 1." He added, "I have three locations in contract, but I won’t say where because I don’t want people picketing outside and ruining the deal." Coward!