While some Muslim leaders boycotted Mayor Bloomberg's interfaith breakfast—noting the reports that the NYPD has been spying on Muslim communities—but one Muslim academic and activist attended...and wore a t-shirt that said, "I AM NOT A TERRORIST."

Hussein Rashid explained on Religion Dispatches yesterday:

This boycott makes it obvious that while the NYPD is targeting Muslims, they are violating the rights of Americans. The issue is not a Muslim one, but an American one. My goal in going to make sure my compatriots from other faith traditions understand how serious this threat is. If I am suspect, and based on what we know of the NYPD’s scattershot approach I have no reason to believe I am not, then anyone I associate with is suspect. I intend to meet as many faith leaders as I can tomorrow and ask them how they feel about spied upon by the NYPD.Capital New York's Azi Paybarah spotted Rashid and took a photograph; Rashid later Tweeted (in response to a question from NewYorkist), "staff saw. no comment. lots of supportive comments from other interfaith leaders" and "For those interested in my T-shirt, I got it from @blacklava http://tinyurl.com/cabvw4k"

Paybarah reports that when Police Commissioner Kelly was asked about the allegations that his department was spying in Muslims, "We believe we're doing what we have to do pursuant to the law to protect the city. We understand some people may question what we do. I think some of the issues that surfaced in these articles are half-truths, are things that are not true. But we understand. That's life in the big city."