If you were like Gothamist Saturday night and stayed out too late at some bar on Ave C then you also missed the Austin City Limits that aired with Wilco and Bright Eyes. You also forgot to TiVo it. Luckily, it's airing again at midnight this Friday. So stop reading and go set your DVR's now.

2005_01_artswilcoacl.jpgWilco last played on ACL in 2000, then described as Alt country kingpins, playing: "I Got You," "Misunderstood," "Can't Stand It," "Christ for President," and "California Stars." This time around they have "outgrown their alt country" title and their set included "At Least That's What You Said", "Muzzle of Bees", "Hell is Chrome", "Ashes of American Flags" and "I'm a Wheel". Filmed on September 20th of last year, it was long before their Tinkle appearance.

24-year old (fairly) recent NYC transplant, Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes, performed "Waste of Paint", "We Are Nowhere and It's Now", "Vincent O'Brien", "Golden" and "At the Bottom of Everything" for his set. Oberst has a talent for capturing everyday New York City in his songs, some of our favorites to listen to while on the subway, so we're glad he's a resident now. We're also glad he'll be playing at our favorite venue (Town Hall) on the 25th, 26th and 27th of this month. Even if we did forget to buy tickets.

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