2005_01_artsthebravery.jpgSince Londonist has reported on their local rockers (Bloc Party) done good, we'll report on ours. New York's The Bravery has been given the number one slot in the BBC Sound of 2005 poll. Meaning what exactly? That this is (apparently) THE band to watch in 2005. Last year Keane was named number one, and in 2003 rapper 50 Cent held the position.

We aren't that big on lists like this, because who can predict who will create the soundtracks of a certain year? I see a lot of 2004's bigger breakout bands missing from last years list, and a few bands missing from this years as well. But it can still be a good indicator on who to watch out for, and we certainly do love the Bravery. Who, incidentally, play Northsix in Brooklyn on January 29th.

[Full BBC Top 10 lists of both years after the jump]

Let's take a look at 2004's Top 10, shall we?:

1. Keane
2. Franz Ferdinand
3. Wiley
4. Razorlight
5. Joss Stone
6. McFly
7. The Scissor Sisters
8. The Ordinary Boys
9. Tali
10. Gemma Fox

This year's top 10:

1. The Bravery
2. Bloc Party
3. Kano
4. The Game
5. Kaiser Chiefs
6. KT Tunstall
7. The Dead 60s
8. The Dears
9. Tom Vek
10. The Magic Numbers

Out of all 20 bands only 6 get any play on our iPod.

[Photo Credit: Heidi Hartwig]