NY2LON: You're Not Invited
Jonny Kaps has announced the launch of a new event that promises to bridge the transatlantic gap in discovering new music from across the pond, no matter which side of it you're on. Citing that labels, radio, magazines, websites and blogs aren't dependable resources for "music mavens" to rely on for new music this event will fill that void. It sounds cool, even if we think blogs are a great resource for discovering new music, ahem. The event will bring you the best new bands you never heard of, free drinks, deejays...sounds pretty awesome. But you aren't invited, unless of course you're a VIP in the eyes of the hosts (+1 Music and The Barfly).

2005_03_artsstrokessimpsons.jpgSpringfield <3's the Strokes
Will New York darlings the Strokes soon head to Springfield? ProductshopNYC is hinting that they will indeed, although despite our best efforts we cannot find anything else on the animation of the band. Gothamist wonders how the greasy locks of frontman Julian Casablancas will translate in cartoon form. They don't look shiny enough in that image to the right.

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