2005_10_ascarrunz.jpgThe case of Monica Lozado-Rivaidneira gets odder and odder. The police said that Caesar Ascarrunz confessed to killing his Bolivian-born girlfriend in their Queens apartment, but now, while in lockup at Rikers, he is saying he never confessed. The police have written, taped, and oral confessions from Ascarrunz, which seem to counter Ascarrunz's claims. This may all be a part of Ascarrunz's attempts to create some sort of defense as he awaits court hearings.

Police are still searching for the body, which was, according to the confession, set aside for garbage pickup; they are checking a landfill in Pennsylvania. And, unsurprisingly, there seems to be a custody fight looming over 4 year-old Valery Lozado, who was dropped off in Middle Village in the middle of the night by Ascarrunz after he killed her mother. Lozado-Rivaidneira's mother wants custody of her, while Valery's father who allegedly hasn't had contact with her in the past three years also wants custody. Valery is currently in foster care.