The story of the Pakistani woman allegedly killed by her husband and his mistress gets more depressing with news that the victim's family and her husband's family are fighting over custody of their young children. Nazish Noorani's grieving sister, Lubna Choudhry, told reporters, "I should raise them because of [their] father killing my sister." But murder suspect Kashif Parvaiz's sister said of Noorani's family, "They are all taking welfare. How will they take care of these kids? My father owns buildings and has income, and we will take care of them."

Noorani was fatally gunned down last Tuesday in Boonton, NJ while she, Parvaiz and their three-year-old son Shayaan were walking from her sister's home to her parents' home. Parvaiz was hit multiple times, while Shayaan was unharmed (though reportedly "splattered in blood"); five-year-old Riyaan was at Noorani's parents' home. Prosecutors say that Parvaiz had initially told police a group of men called them "terrorists" and used racial epithets but eventually admitted he plotted to kill his wife with another woman. Parvaiz was allegedly upset at Noorani for speaking negatively about his family.

Parvaiz's family has been watching the two boys. His mother took issue with Choudhry starting a website to raise money for the children, "She set up the Web site to support her own children," and sister Zarren Hassan said to the Daily News, "We're taking care of them because we love them. They've always been attached to my mother." And Riyaan said, "I want to stay here."

In news related to her sister's death and the apparent murder plot hatched by Parvaiz and mistress Antoinette Stephen, Choudry says that Parvaiz had been introducing Stephen as his "fiancee." When Noorani confronted him, the Star-Ledger reports, "Kashif Parvaiz had a ready excuse, the [Noorani's] said: He told his wife he was just pretending Stephen was his fiancée to get a family discount at Best Buy, where the 26-year-old woman worked."

Parvaiz claimed to have attended NYU, and Noorani's family shared the photograph the ID he showed them (it was fake). Parvaiz also said he went to Columbia for graduate school and was attending another graduate program at Harvard. Neither school has records of him, but Parvaiz's sister said they are sure he was at Harvard.