The Staten Island DA's office has made some ugly revelations in the murder of the Mexican immigrant Richard Salinas. The three teenagers who beat Salinas to death, only to rob him of $60, had decided to rob a Mexican man. ADA Alex Schapiro said of teens John Messiha, Daniel Betancourt, and Travis King, "The defendants were playing video games and decided to rob somebody. They wanted it to be a Mexican man and that's when they went out and found Mr. Salinas." And the Daily News has the chilling police statements:

In a statement to cops, Messiha said it was King who first proposed the attack Saturday night. "Travis said we should rob a Mexican," he said.

Betancourt was quoted as saying, "We saw a Mexican man cross the street and I went up to him and put him in a headlock for about five seconds."

He added, "After I let him go, Travis started to kick him in the head and stomach multiple times."

Further, the teens also used Salinas's cell phone to make crank calls to his wife. Salinas, a father of two, had worked his way up from busboy to head chef at a Staten Island International House of Pancakes. His coworkers are accepting donations, which the IHOP's owner will match, for his burial expenses.

Messiha, Betancourt and King have only been charged with robbery and possession of stolen property so far, but the DA's office may add other charges after the autopsy. It's unclear whether or not they will be charged with a hate crime.