The family of the Yale graduate student who was killed by a lab technician has filed a lawsuit against the school, accusing the Ivy League institution of failing to protect women. A statement released lawyer Joseph Tacopina said that Yale had "long taken inadequate steps to ensure the safety and security of women on its campus. Yale's persistent tolerance of sexual harassment and sexual assaults on campus caused students to file a Title IX Complaint against Yale University. And, just five days before she was to be married, Annie Le was a victim of that environment."

Le went missing in September 2009 days before her wedding. After a search for the missing 24-year-old, Le's body was found on what would have been her wedding day, stuffed inside a wall at a Yale research building. Raymond Clark, a lab technician who was arrested based on DNA, keycard and video surveillance, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 44 years in prison, "I stand here today taking full responsibility for my actions. I am truly, truly sorry for taking Annie’s life."

Lawyers for Le's family also said, "Based on Yale's negligence in, among other things, hiring, retaining and supervising Clark, and providing a safe and secure environment for Annie Le, Ms. Le endured a brutal physical and sexual attack, resulting in significant conscious suffering before her death, for which Yale is liable."

Yale released a statement saying there was no basis for the civil suit, "Yale had no information indicating that Raymond Clark was capable of committing this terrible crime, and no reasonable security measures could have prevented his unforeseeable act. Annie Le's murder shocked and deeply saddened the entire Yale community. As a community we united to support and comfort her family and loved ones, and create a lasting memorial to her life. This lawsuit serves neither justice nor Annie's memory, and the University will defend against it as appropriate."

Here is Clark's statement from his sentencing:

Statement read by Raymond Clark III at sentencing