2008_06_chelsvic.jpgThe police charged a man, who found his girlfriend stabbed to death in a Chelsea apartment, with criminal mischief after he threw a chair out of a police station window. Robert Camarano, 60, was being questioned about Michele Hyams' death, and the Post reports that he is an "ex-con with a lengthy rap sheet."

He also reportedly "started trying to change his story and requested a lawyer." Camarano had told police he came home late after a night of drinking to find Hyam's stabbed body. He was taken to Bellevue after flipping out for a second time during his arraignment. Reporters asked him if he killed Hyams, and he said the killer was probably one of the "many weirdos in that neighborhood."

Police recovered a knife from the apartment. Neighbors were upset about Hyams' murder, noting how she was friendly and loving. And another friend said Hyams was sometimes afraid of Camarano, "He has a bad temper."