The last moments of Jennifer Moore's life continue to be a source of what if's and if she only's, as the NJ teen's night of partying in NYC ended fatally. The NY Times's article is called A Teenager’s Last Steps on a Trail of Missed Chances, and there's a section about all those moments:

What seems so troubling about Ms. Moore’s death is that, at least four times that night, she had encounters with people who might have altered the course that ended in her death.

There were the bouncers and bartenders at the Guest House, a Chelsea nightclub, where she and her friend, Talia Kenan, were allowed inside to drink even though they were under age. There were the employees at the impound lot, where the police had towed Ms. Kenan’s car.

There was the taxi driver who took Ms. Moore and Mr. Coleman across the river to the Park Avenue Motel. And there was the motel’s desk clerk or one of its residents, who may have seen the pair walk in — Ms. Moore slumped over Mr. Coleman’s arm, apparently drugged or drunk.

The police have said that Ms. Moore also called her boyfriend about 4 a.m. and told him that someone was following her.

There was even a moment, early Tuesday morning, when Ms. Kenan called Ms. Moore from the ambulance, which impound workers had requested after Ms. Kenan passed out. Naomi Kenan, Ms. Kenan’s mother, said Ms. Moore had told her daughter that she was lost, but that a “nice man” was helping her out.

Moore's father, Hugh, told reporters he didn't blame anyone for her death, saying it was "20-20 hindsight" to second guess the situation. He also said he told his daughters that if they are in trouble, they should not hesitate to reach out to him.

2006_07_krystal.jpgThe Daily News puts a mugshot of Moore's suspected killer Draymond Coleman's girlfriend, Krystal Riordan, its cover. Riordan allegedly watched Coleman rape, beat and kill Moore; she was with him when he was arrested by the NYPD on Thursday. The News notes that Riordan also grew up in a wealthy Connecticut suburb, but fell into a life of prostitution. And Riordan's recent neighbors recall hearing Coleman beat her. Coleman denies killing Moore.

The Post has an interesting quote from the mother of one of Moore's friends: Lynn Sandhaus says, "I have suggested to my daughter that if they really want to pay tribute to their friend, they should make a vow not to go into New York and get drunk until they pass out."