Last Saturday morning, Joseph Lozito was in an uptown 3 train, headed to his job at the Avery Fisher Hall box office, when a dirty, disheveled man entered. The man was Maksim Gelman, the focus of a citywide manhunt after he allegedly killed three people in Brooklyn and was stabbing drivers in order to steal their cars. And after failing to enter the motorman's car, Gelman allegedly turned his knife on Lozito, said, "You're going to die," and stabbed him in the head.

Two transit officers who had been in the motorman's car helped tackle and restrain Gelman, but Lozito credits fellow passenger Alfred Douglas for saving his life. According to WCBS 2, "First, [Douglas] used his bare hands to stop the flow and then a paper towel, all while trying get Lozito, now hysterical, to keep his cool." Douglas, a supervising carpenter at the World Trade Center, said, “He was in bad shape. He was crying for his family: ‘I have two boys. I don’t want to die.’ I tried to keep him calm." Douglas added, “We were there for a long time. I was worried he was gonna bleed to death."

Douglas is modest about his efforts, "I just did what any normal human being would do," but Lozito said, "He said he didn’t save my life, yet I think he did. I thanked him profusely and told him I owe my life to him." Lozito, 6-foot-2, 270-pound mixed martial arts buff, also says he was angry at Gelman during the attack, telling him, "You better hope I f---ing die, because I’m going to kill you if I don’t."