A few more details on the arrest connected to the murder of 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Felix Brinkmann. Brinkmann, whose body was found bound and beaten in his Upper East Side apartment last week, had apparently given permission for Angela Murray and a male companion to enter the building. From the NY Times: "To enter the building, Ms. Murray called Mr. Brinkmann on her cellphone and handed the phone to the building’s doorman. Mr. Brinkmann gave permission for her to come upstairs, the doorman told the police, and she and the unidentified man went up to the apartment."

Murray, 30, was arrested over the weekend and charged with murder and robbery. The police tracked her down through her phone number, which was on Brinkmann's phone. She was found in her apartment with not just one of Brinkmann's safes (apparently her accomplice rolled it out of the building) but also "Brinkmann's ID and tax forms," according to the Post. She was also caught using one of Brinkmann's credit cards. Murray has kept quiet about her accomplice, so police are "trying to get clearer photos of the man with her."

Her mother said her daughter had been selling untaxed cigarettes, "I'm embarrassed, and I'm ashamed, and I feel humiliated, and I don't know what compelled my kid to do what she did, if she did anything. I'm lost. I'm destroyed... She had money. She was making money. There was no reason for her to do that," adding, "I pray for the [Brinkmann] family that is suffering and going through what they are going through."