Hoping to back up her brother's claim that he killed a motivational speaker to help him commit suicide, Kenneth Minor's sister Susan tells the Daily News, "This man, Locker, came to Harlem looking for a person to take him out. This man was asking everyone in Harlem to kill him."

Last week, Locker's body was found in his car on an East Harlem street. Minor, arrested yesterday, says that Locker wanted his family to collect insurance money and offered the career criminal his ATM card and PIN number as payment. Minor also claimed that the married Long Island father of two instructed him to tie his hands and hold the knife behind the steering wheel, allegedly then calling his wife and telling her, "You're not going to see me no more"—at least, that what Susan Minor claims her brother told her of Locker's last words. She then added, "He brushed against the knife so hard my brother gets cut. At the fifth brush against the knife, he noticed the man was really going."

Police have dismissed the claim as they search for more suspects—NYPD Chief Ray Kelly said police are still unsure whether Locker was a random victim or had been set up. The Manhattan DA's office said that Locker was tortured to give up his ATM card PIN number; a prosecutor said at Minor's arraignment, "The victim's hands were tied behind his back. There was no suicide note or evidence of suicide." The Post describes Minor as the "pimp" of a woman who had numerous Wednesday night appointments with Locker. Police are still looking for her.