2005_09_parkslopesalon.jpgYesterday morning, the jealous ex-boyfriend of a hair salon owner at Fifth Avenue and 11th Street in Park Slope walked into the salon and killed his ex-girlfriend, and then himself. Jorge Peguero went to Dolores' Salon and waited for ex Vinicia Baez, known as Dolores, to arrive. Baez tried to get Peguero to leave, as there was a customer, but he convinced Baez to speak with him in a back room. He then shot Baez and himself with a 9mm gun. Baez's friends say that Peguero had been stalking and harassing Baez, while employees at the deli Peguero owned were shocked that he could have snapped. The daughter of Baez's friend said, "My mom said he was a jealous person, but you always think, 'Oh, whatever, they're not going to do anything.'" But that's the sad problem - lots of times, they do. Back when Gothamist was at Columbia, an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend killed his ex-girlfriend, a law school student, and April 2003, an aspiring actress was killed by an ex-boyfriend in front of her mother - with the ex killing himself.