Authorities have few answers in Saturday's shooting in Brooklyn that killed 15-year-old Dequan Mercurius and wounded a 13-year-old boy, but some neighbors are speculating that the victims were caught in the crossfire of gang-related violence. A 17-year-old witness tells the Daily News, "Everything was good," at PS 119's playground, until bullets started flying into the yard from outside the fence. "It's Bloods and Crips out there," the boy said. "It was wrong place, wrong time," the boy's aunt says, "We know he's not in a gang. Not this child." Police say the wounded 13-year-old has "told investigators very little."

According to his grandmother, Mercurius asked if dinner was ready before going out to play in the waning daylight: "I said, 'Not yet.' He went to go play basketball—and he never came back." Police claim that the murderer shot the 13-year-old twice, before walking a short distance and shooting Mercurius twice in the chest. His mother is described as "inconsolable," and screamed, "I want him back! He's too small! He's too skinny! This is not happening!"