The out-of-towner who stole a truck and crashed into an M14 bus, killing the bus driver during an allegedly drunken joyride, has now been indicted on murder charges. Domonic Whilby, 23, pleaded not guilty.

According to police, a truck was stolen from West 16th Street on February 12th and was soon crashed into a M14D tandem bus at the corner of West 14th Street and 7th Avenue. Bus driver William Pena, 49, was killed in the collision and Whilby was initially charged with manslaughter.

Whilby had been partying with his uncle, model Tyson Beckford, at model Shanina Shaik's birthday party, starting at Butter and the going to 1 OAK. But he was reportedly escorted from 1 OAK because he was "getting too friendly with some female fashion week partiers." He went to another Meatpacking District hotel, where he passed out in the lobby, and then was upset when a limousine wasn't around to pick him up. So, police say, he stole a truck used by 18 Rabbits Granola and sped off.

Prosecutors said that Whilby couldn't remember what had happened that night. Whilby did tell cops, upon hearing about the fatal crash, "Let me die." Whilby's lawyer Harvey Slovis said those words showed Whilby felt remorse, but Justice Gregory Carro said, "That statement, ‘Just let me die’ is a telling one that he doesn’t want to face the charges. Rather than die he can run.” Carro ordered Whilby remanded without bail.

Other MTA workers, who appeared in court to support their fallen brother, cheered when Carro made that decision. Pena's widow said, "I’m happy he was remanded. But that will never bring William back."