Drivers in New York City may soon be getting a break. The City Council is working through a new bill that would let drivers use their leftover parking time when they move to another meter. As City Council Speaker Christine Quinn put it, if "you buy the time, you get to use it."

The logistics are still being tweaked—you could only reuse a MuniMeter receipt in spaces that are the same price or less than the one you bought it at, so better to start in Manhattan—but the pros for drivers are pretty obvious. "This bill will make life a little bit easier and more fair for drivers who are right to feel that they should be able to keep the muni-meter time they have already paid for," explained co-sponsor Councilman James Vacca.

And of course teaching NYPD traffic cops to recognize the rule will be tricky, right now the DOT actually says you already can transfer time between spaces. But progress is progress! The bill, which has the support of the mayor, will be be brought to a vote on April 23rd.